Tectonic Fields: Wallpaper
Year of Design: 2013
Description: Mylar Wallpaper Design
Country of Manufacture: USA
Finish: Digital Print on Brushed Mylar
Dims: 27" x 16'
Packaging: 32" tube

Product Description:
Tectonic Fields explores the organic potential of mirrored rigid geometries as a wall-covering. An almost floral pattern emerges from bursts of interconnected random platonic shapes. A wire-frame phantasm ends up looking unexpectedly traditional, decorative and blooming: a mix of hard masculine architect with soft feminine nature.

We designed this wall-covering material so that it interacts with its environment. As light shifts over the course of a day, the metallic print reacts and raises awareness of ones surroundings. Depending on light conditions and a person's location in space, the wallpaper changes from a prevailing metallic figure to a dark web of lines receding into the colored ground.

Tectonic Fields was developed as part of a home-goods line for which all proceeds for the first 3 months of sales were donated to Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA).

Further information:
Permanent Wallpaper comes non-glued
29" vertical return
27" x 16' roll

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